You know how some of the most famous companies and mobile apps are simply directories?

Like directories of available Hotels, Bookings and special deals, people’s spare bedrooms, apartments, or homes to stay vs. hotels, vehicles locally available to take you where you need to go, RIGHT NOW?

MetroSMA's Business Directory

MetroSMA is your gateway to the Metropolee Business Directory as a Hobby, Home, Micro, or Small Business Owner

Metropolee aims to be the largest directory of Hobby, Home, Micro, and Small Businesses (HSMBs) in the world offering discounts, specials, a loyalty rewards program, and even the ability to pay in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum..

Learn More about our Metropolee Business Directory Mobile Application Here.

What is MetroSMA

MetroSMA stands for Metropolee Sales and Marketing Automation

it works hand in hand with the Metropolee Business Finder Mobile Application. In addition to being amazing sales and marketing automation software, it also gives you a listing in the Metropolee Business Finder Directory.

We grow the Metropolee Business Finder user base through personal referrals who each get a €5 free credit directly from Metropolee that can ONLY be spent at one our Metropolee Business Finder Directory vendors, in other words, to potentially spend at YOUR business!

Get a MetroSMA license and Share our FREE Metropolee Business Finder Mobile App with YOUR customers...

and you can earn €5 each time one of YOUR CUSTOMERS spends their FREE €5!

How to get a Listing?

Getting a Metropolee Business Directory Listing is easy, it comes with a 1 year license to MetroSMA.

it opens your business up to our huge Metropolee Business Finder App userbase which allows people to search for local businesses, like yours, to support.


You have heard of Cryptocurrencies right?

You could choose to enable your Home, Hobby, Micro or Small Business (HMSB) to accept one or all of the main 3 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and immediately open yourself up to whole new stream of customers eagerly looking for shops and businesses accepting cryptocurrencies!

The state of the art Sales Automation software

MetroSMA allows you to easily collect the data of all these new customers, as well as add your old ones to effectively begin increase your sales with the control of this very valuable data.